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Currently in my life I've bee focusing on my Sims 4 game. Been trying to get more uploaded onto my channel. Would love the likes, comments and subscribe. I also do karaoke it on as well. So check out my songs. Mind you I'm not the best. :) The link is down below. If you have an idea you'd like me to create on the game feel free to give it to me for a Let's Play. :) 

So here's an update on what's going on in my life. I haven't done much in the last four years as in writing. I've also haven't posted much since I have had Walking Pneumonia at the beginning of Oct. End of Oct. I had a Biopsy but has to be rescheduled. My left ovary is larger than my right ovary, and thats why we are finding out if its really endorsements or something more. My ovary wasn't fully dilated or my cervis wasn't big enough to be able to reach the ovary. So we are gonna try again this month. On top of that i had pink eye this week, and tomorrow I'm having five teeth removed on my lower jaw. So I'll have a bridge placed in once its finished. I'll be on a soft food diet for the about a week. Yay so thrilled. On top of it all. my period comes and goes so that's another issue I'm having as well.

This is why no posts have been posted, but I am on Youtube I have a channel I'm working on there, and Facebook. If you want the links please let me know. :)   
Hey all,

So you've probably wondering where I've been. Probably not, but that's okay I won't feel offended or anything. 

But my health and full time job has kept me from past time favorites. Such as crafting, writing and pretty much anything. I've sat down to play the Sims 4 a bit. But some days I can't even do that. 

I go back to the doctor hopefully before Oct. 

My doctors first thought I had Endometriosis. after two ultra sounds, and a flush clean out of my system they've narrowed it down to Menorrhagia. But I'm leaning towards it being Endometriosis. Still been having painful cramps, dizziness, sickness I don't want. Also have a period that never ends. I'm on birth control but its not working. I've been on for a year. They wanted me to skip two months then take the white pill. Well I'm still on the blue pill, but I've been lightly flowing all month. Non-stop. So my guess is something else is wrong.... 

So you see my problem here... A never ending monthly is never fun. 

So I'm going to make a new appointment with a a new doctor and see if we can't look further into what's making this happen. I'm thinking something is wrong. I may never be able to have kids. My mother will freak, but I can live with that. 

So I'll need thoughts and prayers everyone... 

I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy. :hug:
So for me this last year by the end of if it was pretty painful, from my endometorisis polyps.  but thanks to a thing called the Flush, they cleaned me out. I'm not endo free, it can always come back. But on the downside I'll probably be on birth control pills and pain kills for my heavy periods for the rest of my life. Unless I have kids or have everything taken out. But I didn't want to do that just yet. 

But over all I'm good, healthy, and staying well. Had the flu on new years week. that was awful. it happened right at work. threw up right at my lane in front of my costumers. I felt horrible I did that. Came out both ends and I felt awful for like three days. So New Years I didn't do much of anything. Just tried to get better and worked. 

Still living at home. but my goal is to save up money and hopefully move out finally.

I do want to get rid of my new car. I've had probably over $1.000.00 dollars in repairs on it in the last year alone. Heat decided to go out on me for the second time. And our zero temperatures don't help me much with that. So I double up my gear when I go outside. 

So yah that's me and what I'm planning on doing. Probably one vacation. To Florida. :) to visit some friends who want to see me. But that's about it. 
So I went to my appointment at nine a.m. this morning on Tuesday. A Rainy cold day in Michigan. 

The appointment went well. I had to correct them on a mislead note that one of my three doctors wrote down that I had blood clots in my legs for history in the family had them. I told them no. I had blood clots during my period. Then they said well that's a whole other story. So I'll they put my on birth control pills right away after that was corrected, and pain medication for my endometroisis polyps which is a build of tissue around the uterus.

I go in for another ultra sound to see more of what is going on. She wants to know if anything else is happening and to see how bad it is. She wants to try and flush it out to see if that will work. If that won't work then we'll go to the next step. 

In the mean time I'll be on birth control pills and naproxen for the back pain.

Other all it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. So that's a thankful thing. 

I did however find out from my last blood test I'm anemic as well. So they want me to stock up on iron as well as my calcium. 
I'm pissed, I'm upset, and even worse its that time of the month. So I was even more emotional when they called me this afternoon telling me they had to reschedule my appointment. Because the doctor wasn't going to be in that day. I was crying and almost yelling at her through the phone. I told the lady as nicely as I could without being rude that I needed this appointment. I'm in much pain that I don't want to be in any longer. I don't want to wait longer than I have to, nor be placed on the waiting list for another three months. 

She said she can get in me as early as next Tuesday at 9:00a.m. I took it since I was pissed. she tried to calm me down but it wasn't working. She also said she'd tried to get me in earlier if something opened up with another doctor. I agreed to that. Then I hung up and went back to bed. 

I had already been up all night at work working, and was an in emotional state after they called. So i couldn't go back to sleep. 

I'm calmer now, but still in pain and still upset at them. I called work telling them what happened and that I need Tuesday free in the morning for this appointment. They made a note of it. So let's hope they remember or I'm calling in from work next week Tuesday. 

grrr... I can't take it anymore.... waiting... :(
I've so been awaiting this appointment. After I had found out about my Endometriosis. I've had major side effects that have been painful to the point where I didn't want to do anything but curl up into a ball. So with three days to go before my official appointment with the gyn. I'm very relived almost the day is almost here. But however, I'm nervous about what my options will be. 

Questions build in my mind that I should ask.

Things like do I have cancer? 

I'm I already not able to  have children?

things like that. 

I just want the pain to stop.... :( suffering.... 
Okay, so since I haven't been in the mood for writing much. I've been playing the new sims 4. I still have two weeks before I see the gyn for my endometriosis so I try to make myself feel better when I have back pain or stomach pain or any kind of pain for that matter. Sometimes the pain last all day. Even when I'm not on my monthly. 

So in the mean time I've been gaming to keep my mood happy. I'd like to do live play, but not sure what all you guys out there use for capturing your gaming for free. Yes I need something for free. 

I did however get full time at my job this last week. Yay! So I'm happy about that. More money to save. :)

But anyways please list places down below that are free to download for gaming, also I need ideas for the Sims 4. Sadly I can't make ninja turtles. :( 
I'm so very sorry I haven't been online much on DA. I've had a lot more important things that came up, along with my health. I found out about two weeks ago I have endometriosis. In about a month I go to the GYN. Not sure I wanna way that long, but I'll have to. In the mean time. I'm on pain killers for the awful pain that comes with it. For those that don't know what endometriosis its a build up of skin tissue on the inside around the female organs that causes many side effects. 

Endometriosis occurs when these cells grow outside the uterus in other parts of your body. This tissue may attach on your:

  • Ovaries
  • Bowel
  • Rectum
  • Bladder
  • Lining of your pelvic area

It can grow in other areas of the body, too.

These growths stay in your body--they do not shed when you have your period. But, like the cells in your uterus, these growths react to the hormones from your ovaries. They grow and bleed when you get your period. Over time, the growths may add more tissue and blood. The buildup of blood and tissue in your body leads to pain and other symptoms.

No one knows what causes endometriosis. One idea is that when you get your period, the cells may travel backwards through the fallopian tubes into the pelvis. Once there, the cells attach and grow. However, this backward period flow occurs in many women. Researchers think that the immune system in women with endometriosis may cause the condition.

Endometriosis is common. Sometimes, it may run in families. Endometriosis probably starts when a woman begins having periods. However, it usually isn't diagnosed until ages 25 - 35.

You are more likely to develop endometriosis if you:

  • Have a mother or sister with endometriosis
  • Started your period at a young age
  • Never had children
  • Have frequent periods or they last 7 or more days
  • Have a closed hymen, which blocks the flow of menstrual blood during the period

Common side effects include:

Pain is the main symptom of endometriosis. You may have:

  • Painful periods
  • Pain in your lower belly before and during your period
  • Cramps for a week or two before and during your period. Cramps may be steady and range from dull to severe.
  • Pain during or following sexual intercourse
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Pelvic or low back pain that may occur at any time

I've been going through much pain in the last three months. So please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. I will also be going back to get my other teeth removed on the bottom. along with a root canal. so I've been in pain in the mouth and lower area of my body. Some nights I can't sleep at all cause I cry myself to sleep due to the pain it causes. 
sorry guys that my DA account updates have been really slow. I just haven't been into updating much on here. I update more on Facebook with my jewelry I make. Plus life is getting in the way. I'm trying to find a second job and so far no one has called me from the apps I've placed in. its hard when you don't have a collage degree. So you stuck with crappy jobs until your lucky enough to get into a good one. 

Also trying to cell my old car. If I don't sell it over the weekend. I'm going to place it up online. Since I've had it all winter since August was when I got my new car. 

My dad's last day of work ever is today he retires. So he'll be home much more than I'd like him to be. He's doing his testimony at church on Sunday. I'm trying to get it off. But work lately has been crappy about checking peoples request. I told the lady I had it in the computer for almost a month and still no OK on it. So I may have to trade with something. 

I've asked for some in June and July so they better get their act together cause its pissing me off that they aren't honoring it. It's not a holiday weekend so I don't need to worry about it being blocked.

I'm also trying to find cheap apartments in my area of Michigan. There's one I like but its a six year wait which I should have found out years ago and placed my name on there list then. But sadly I didn't, so I'll be looking elsewhere. Since I'll be moving out in March or April of next year.

So wish me luck.  
So I have a Year from now to have a second job and be able to support myself. So a lot of writings have come to a complete stop as of right now. Lately I've been doing more jewelry makes and clay. So you'll see more of that. Maybe a one shot here and there but not any chapter stories. I wish to try and do the 100 challenge thing but I don't want to start and not be able to finish it. I thank you all for reading my works so far. I know half of them are not finished. The one ones that are: wasted and Eclipse are finished. A few three part chapters that are as well. I hope one day to be able to write like I use to, but right now real life is in the way of that. :( 

Wish me luck on finding a second job. 
Just giving an update that my awesome brother got my computer all back up and running. I'm back on a new Windows 7. We were going to get Window's 8 but he had an extra copy of 7 so we went with that plus it made things cheaper. So now I'm just reinstalling all my Sims 3 games, and hoping the Sims 4 will work on my new upgraded computer as well. *crosses Fingers* cause I really wanna get the new game. Whenever they decide to release it.
So this last weekend after asking my brother to place my third hard drive back into my computer. You'd think this be an easy process, but apparently my computer decide it wanted to say nope to that statement. It pretty much yelled back and said I'm not gonna take this third hard drive. And then graphic card went out. Good thing I have a new one on hand, but can't place it into my computer till all my files, everything is stuck in limbo. I've got nothing but a tablet right now that doesn't support windows or microsoft word. So just letting you know I'll have slow replies on here till computer is fixed.  

So I'm suffering without my desktop... :(

My Little Pony Commissions

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 11:58 AM
Hey everyone, 

So I'm now making little chibi charm pendants of My Little Pony. So I'll take open commissions for them for who ever is interested in them. 

Pendant comes with free chain, and they will be charged at $20.00 
This includes a free chain. Also shipping will be added to order once order is made. 

available: $20.00

Fluttershy Necklace by ScoopGirl

available: $20.00 
Princess Luna 

Luna pony by ScoopGirl

Shipping and handling is as followed: 

USA: $10.00
Everywhere else: $15.00 

I'm currently taking commissions for those that want pony's. 

I've got a year before I move out.

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 16, 2014, 5:49 PM
So I sat down with my parents today after chatting with my finical adviser on Friday. We've come to agreement that I will move out by my next birthday. I have paid off $11,000.00 dollars so that is a plus.

I have to start a shoe box. Why a shoe box you ask. It's a place you put all your receipt tape in on your extra spending. So everything I buy till next year goes into that box. 

I also have to find a second job. As well as hopefully get full time at my current job or get a full time job at the new one. 

I am very nervous about this transition and I'm only doing it cause I want my parents to know that I can. Since over the years I fear that I have failed them. Also my father is retiring this May or June. I don't really wanna stay at the home very much longer after he retires. I know I may not be the only one living at home at the age of 34, due to debt and things like health issues. But I really wanna do this so I have to make myself do it. 

So wish me luck. 


Shamrocks CSS

Code by CrimsonReach

TMNT (2003) Volume One Box Set

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 4:11 PM
Skin by TMNT-Raph-fan

I'm debating on selling this. Since I realized I had two copies of season one part one. I didn't realize how rare they are with value. So I'll need your opinion. If I sell it. It can be sold for 55 or higher.

I'm thinking about selling it here instead of eBay or amazon. So I need opinions and ideas for what I should do. 

I may do it as a higher bidder sort of thing, but not sure how to go about that on DA. So I need some help with that. 

TMNTphoto1 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto2 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto3 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto4 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto5 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto6 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto8 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto10 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto13 by ScoopGirl

TMNTphoto14 by ScoopGirl

My Heart of Kandrakar Pendants

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 15, 2014, 2:47 PM
So Here are the ones I still have available. I just sold one the other day, so I'm out of that particular one.

For all four of them it will cost: $80.00
with shipping and handling it will be $90.00 in the USA 
Everywhere else it will be $100.00 even for all four

1. Amount for single pendants: $20.00
Shipping and handling in the USA $10.00 
Everywhere else: $15.00

Heart of KandraKar clear and purple by ScoopGirl

2. Amount for single pendants: $20.00
Shipping and handling in the USA $10.00 
Everywhere else: $15.00
Blue Heart by ScoopGirl

3. Amount for single pendants: $20.00
Shipping in the USA $10.00 
Everywhere else: $15.00
Heart of Kandrakar by ScoopGirl
4.  Amount for single pendants: $20.00
Shipping and handling in the USA $10.00 
Everywhere else: $15.00
Heart Of Kandrakar Clay 4 by ScoopGirl

All separate orders that are made for more than four, will go up in price. So
keep that in mind when ordering more than one at a time.  

My Heart of Kandrakar Pendants

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 5, 2014, 2:29 PM
I've been asked a lot about my pendants: Heart of Kandrakar replica's. The following are the only ones I have available for sale right now. 

1. A black and White Heart of KandraKar: $20.00 (sold out on Etsy.)
replica of the Heart of Kandrakar (sold) by ScoopGirl

2. A White and Red Heart of KandraKar: $20.00
Heart of Kandrakar by ScoopGirl

3. Handmade out of Polymer Clay Pink and Gray: $20.00
Heart Of Kandrakar Clay 4 by ScoopGirl

4. Clear Bead with purple and blue on the bottom: $20.00
Heart of KandraKar clear and purple by ScoopGirl

5. A Blue one with one single pearl on the bottom: $20.00
Blue Heart by ScoopGirl

Total amount for all five: $100.00
Shipping and handling in the USA is: $10.00 
Anywhere else is an extra: $15.00 

 Chains are included and are free with purchase. 

I take payments through PayPal:  

Heart of KandraKar

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 4, 2014, 12:13 PM
I've been asked a lot about my Heart of Kandrakar replica's. Each individual one is $20.00. The chain is not included into the price that is free. The following are the only ones I have available for sale right now. Shipping and handling will be an extra $15 to 20 dollars depending on where you are from.  

1. A black and White Heart of KandraKar: $20.00
replica of the Heart of Kandrakar (sold) by ScoopGirl

2. A White and Red Heart of KandraKar: $20.00
Heart of Kandrakar by ScoopGirl

3. Handmade out of Polymer Clay Pink and Gray: $20.00
Heart Of Kandrakar Clay 4 by ScoopGirl

4. Clear Bead with purple and blue on the bottom: $20.00
Heart of KandraKar clear and purple by ScoopGirl

5. A Blue one with one single pearl on the bottom: $20.00
Blue Heart by ScoopGirl

Total amount for all five: $100.00
Shipping and handling in the USA is: $10.00 
Anywhere else is an extra: $15.00 

 Chains are included and are free with purchase. 

I take payments through PayPal:  

Disney Karaoke Request take 2

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 3, 2014, 12:21 PM
I'm doing this for purely practice. After having major dental work done a year ago last March my doctor said to just keep singing so I can relearn how to talk with my new teeth. I'll be having another surgery on the bottom sometime soon as well. So I'll need to relearn all over again.

This isn't for school, its just for practice and fun for something for me to do. I'm a second soprano.
I'll be posting them up on my  YouTube channel once they are done. So far first request I'm still working on is:

- You'll be in my Heart (This one is also still in question since its too low for my rang.) 

I'm gonna try and do:
The Living Daylights by a-ha (not sure how well I can sing this one since its not in my octave. 

I like songs that are in female leads. Easier for me.