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My life has been busier than normal. Since Oct of last year my sister and her two kids moved in with all of us. So its pretty much full house. My health is pretty much still the same. For those that don't know. I have endometriosis/eczema/ and I'm anemic. I've been seeing doctors for about two years without no luck other than medication and pain killers. That's all they will do for me. I need to see a real gyn which I started last year but he said if medication is working don't worry about it. Though lately I've been getting dizzy spells as in vertigo which I don't get often but last couple months they've happened at work and they are not pleasant by any means. I'll be going back to the doctor on this reason as well. Probably a second specialist as well for a third question.  

I have not been writing in over six years. I do more role plays off of DA. TMNT role plays and superman role plays. thats how I keep writing currently. 

As far as media. I'm focusing on my Youtube Channel:…
Twitch: (still trying to set this up)
snapchat: scoopgirl 

So yah I've been all over just not here all the time. I probably check this once a month. :( I should check it more. 

I also work 40 hours in retail and when I get home I'm normally babysitting a 2 and a 4 year old of my sisters kids. So there for not a lot of me time other than on thursdays. 

I hope you all are doing well though. add me on any scoial media and let me know who you are. :) I'm also on facebook 

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Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017
You sound as if you've been extremely busy.  That's a lot to go through and I wish you well with the doctor visits.  I've got vertigo as well.  I was born practically deaf in one ear and when fluid builds up, it throws off my equilibrium.  My doctor gave me a set of exercises to do to build up a tolerance mechanism in the brain which compensates for the unequal balance of the two ears.  These exercises really work to dissipate the vertigo and I highly recommend them.  Your doctor should be able to give you a copy of the exercises to perform a few times a day.  They are really simple and not at all strenuous.
ScoopGirl Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Hummerhouse... *hugs* miss you... Oh yah that I should ask about on my next appointment. I do have issues with my ears getting full of water a lot when I take baths or swim. I literally can't hear until all the water has drained from my ears when that happens. Thanks so much for the information. I didn't even though that was a thing as in exercises. :) o.os sorry to hear that about your hearing. do the also flush your wax out a lot? I think I've done that the last two years and didn't know I had an ear infection till they cleaned them out. But I may also have them cleaned out again to. cause I such doing it on my  own. Heart 
Hummerhouse Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017
When I was young I would get ear infections all the time and the doctor would have to lance my ears to get the wax out. It was a horrible experience because you can't move while he's doing that or he could accidently pierce your eardrum. There would be three nurses holding me down while he did it and it HURT!  I don't think they do that procedure anymore, they've come up with better things now. I did eventually get tubes put in my ears and that opened my ear canals enough so they drain by themselves. I still get fluid sometimes, but the exercises help get rid of that too. It's a solution that's so much better than always having to go to the doctor - less expensive too. Hug 
ScoopGirl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
I agree less expensive and effective. :) One of my best friends can't ear at all since she was one. Not sure if she has similar issues like yours, but I know she's had issues all her life. That doesn't sound very comfortable as a kind having that done to you most of your life. For me I've never liked getting them cleaned out with that ear sucker thing. sounds like a vampire eating wax. I know that sounds funny but true. but once i make my second appointmentHeart Hug  i'll look into it. :) 

ohh right now in my friends role play and I are doing. Raph and Leo are going to get married, but Leo doesn't know that Karai is going to have his baby, and she is dating Mikey. Leo wasn't too happy about that at all. :) 
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